Ex-cig for an ex-smoker

Ex-cig for an ex-smoker

So here we go, attempt number 472 to quit smoking. I’ve tried all the other methods- patches, inhalers, chewing gum and even NHS direct help but none of these methods seemed to hit the spot.

It was only after a couple of very heavy smokers that I know switched to these e-cigarettes did I consider it. Although I am not a heavy smoker, I am still a constant smoker and realistically with the asthma I have, it is a vice that I can do without. If these chain-smoking Marlboro Red puffing stalwarts of the tobacco industry can happily switch to these e-cigarettes then perhaps there is hope for me yet.

So the e cigaretteshas arrived in the post. The first thing that strikes me is the solid feel of the thing. It is well built and feels robust to the touch. The closest that I have ever been to using something like this was a plastic inhaler; this e-cigarette feels a lot nicer in the hand rather than a cheap bit of plastic.

One of the benefits that I am looking forward to with this new fangled piece of kit is the reduced cost. Smoking is expensive, and it gets more expensive each year. Although the initial cost of the ex-cig is more than buying a packet of fags, the refills are a drop in the ocean in comparison.

Now that I have given the ex-cig a little bit of a spin I can report back on my experiences so far. As I am quitting smoking I have been trying to hold back on going on cigarette breaks at work, and when I do, I have used the e-cigarette. At first the sensation was a little odd- as it is ‘smokeless’ the sensation of the vapour hitting my lungs was a bit alien. Initially I missed the harshness that a cigarette provides. However in terms of handling the ‘cravings’ for normal cigarettes, which is my primary reason for trying the e-cig, it performed excellently. After going on a ciggie break and using the e-cigarette, when I returned to the building my cigarette desire had been amply sated.

After a little more time with the e-cigarette I can truly vouch for it. My desire for the harshness of a real cigarette has been inverted. After trying a normal cigarette after a couple of weeks with just the e-cigarette the negative side effects of proper smoking has become a lot more apparent to me. The harshness is now unappealing and the resulting smells on my clothes and body from normal smoking is far less tolerable. I think for me one aspect that I really enjoyed about smoking was the social side- going outside, having a little chit chat over a fag and a ten minute break. The e-cigarette has allowed me to retain the most enjoyable aspects of smoking while reducing the negative health implications. I have even had several other smokers question me enviably about my switch!