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Posts Tagged ‘how to flirt with women’

Flirting is a game. If you wanna learn how to flirt with women, then you oughta know the techniques of the game. You must make the first moves and learn how to read and react to her responses. If you want to sharpen your edge, read on to get a few tips.

1. Be playful

Show the girl you’re eyeing that you are the type who enjoys life. See the fun side in everything. This will contrast you greatly with dead-serious guys. Be playful and make her your playmate. After all, flirting is a game and nothing to do but play it.

2. Tease her

Make fun of whatever she is saying or doing in a good-natured way. Then follow it up with sincere compliments. The combo of praises and “insults” will make her conscious. And a conscious lady is prone to commit “mistakes” like opening up to you. Just don’t be too cruel or a liar.

3. Be unpredictable

The good thing about being a playful guy is that you make yourself unpredictable. Women love this suspense of not knowing what to expect. Keep your cards (things about yourself) close to you heart. Don’t reveal outright what you’re thinking or feeling. Keep them guessing. This created enigma pulls them towards you.

4. Physical Contact

Lead her into a touching situation – literally. Gently place your hand whenever you make a point. Or hold her hand when you narrate a story. Start moving this physically close. If she doesn’t mind, this means you’ve already conquered her presence and it’s only a matter of time before she surrenders to you.

5. Raise the tension

The last rule on how to attract women is always deliver the finishing blow. After playing with her, making her laugh and thrilling her, raise the excitement by brushing on the subject of sex. Do it subtly like cracking naughty jokes or dropping innuendoes. This will make her more excited and before you know it, she’s already into you.

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